I deserve to feel good about myself and


The energy that exists between people when they feel seen, heard and valued. 

Brené Brown

Marble Surface

Guest Post Requirments 

The vulnerable shares series is about connecting others in a safe and welcoming space with stories surrounding vulnerability.

Topics can vary from mental health, body image, confidence, relationships, and spirituality.

In addition to providing useful information, the tone of each submission should be welcoming. No submissions deemed harmful to the audience will be accepted. The quality of writing will be taken into consideration. As this is a space where vulnerability is the topic, other forms of expression will be considered, poetry, art, music, etc. If you have an idea lets talk about making it a reality! 

Things to ask yourself before you share

Why am I really doing this?

Do I feel comfortable and healthy in this space?

Am I protecting those around me? Myself?

Share Your Story 

Thank you for connecting