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My Reiki Experience: How I Leaned Into Spirtualituality

In my search for spiritual growth, I opened myself up to an energy healing over the weekend. It has always been something I wanted to try but if I was honest with myself I was terrified. Scared that it might work, might not work, and scared that I would have something to believe in. I've been reading up on chakras, essential oils, and yoga poses that can align your energy and I have found it to be a useful tool in awaking my spirituality. However, if I am being honest spirituality has always been on the back burner for me. As if to say "I'll connect with myself and God later, I have plenty of time to figure it all out."

2020 has really thrown that mentality for a loop. Not only has this pandemic shattered that belief in a major way but grieving a loss with my family and watching those I care for struggle with life transitions, elder care, broken hearts, extreme illness and tragedy after tragedy, I can't help but feel drawn to finding my place in the vastness and my connection with my higher power. Because it's time. It's time to stop pushing. It's time to pay attention to the things I have suppressed in myself and listen to the pain, acknowledge it, and move past it.

Though I understand it's not everyone's method for getting in touch with their higher power, spirituality is intimate and a vulnerable topic that is worth sharing in an open forum.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a form of energy healing that originated in Japan. A reiki master or practitioner typically places their hands on different areas of the body that needs offerings of positive energy and works to clear/balance your chakras. This can also be done at a distance called distance healing as we are all made up of energy and this energy can be transferred or linked to an object.

I received my healing from Aiyana Fraley at Little Drops of Yoga. She is highly skilled and runs her own business. I would recommend her to anyone looking to receive a reiki healing. She was very attentive and incredibly gifted.

If you are interested in chakras or energy healing there are tons of blogs and books out there to get you started. I Chakra Healing: A Beginner's Guide to Self-Healing Techniques that Balance the Chakras, it's an easy read and really is a beginner's guide to self-healing and I have really used it as a launching point.

How to prepare

  • Set an intention

  • Create a quiet space

*I lit candles and put on soft mediation music. I also kept a journal next to my mat for after the session so that once we were finished I could take notes. Before connecting with her I meditated for about 15 minutes, something I have been trying to incorporate in my daily routine to bring me closer to God and myself.

* We talked a little bit about my set intention.

* Before our session, she said that she was feeling the color yellow and had chosen the stone Citrine for our healing session (which was odd because that stone represents self-expression, creativity, healing, the release of fears and depression- and that is what I had been struggling with)

* She pulled a card for me that read "My vibes speak louder than my words"- Woof that spoke so loud to me, but we will get to that in the analysis.

The Session

*Due to COVID this session was a distant session, meaning it was through FaceTime. I was a bit skeptical at first. Thinking how can you do an energy healing via video!? But, I did a lot of research, and many reiki masters offer distant healings. The practitioner will link an object, in my case a teddy bear, to the participate- this is allowable because we are all made up of energy, and energy is transferable.

*During the session it ran through much like a guided meditation, reading each chakra and cleaning those that needed clearing. I definitely felt a sense of peace and calmness during the session.

The Analysis

After our session was finished she gave me a complete overview of what she had connected with.

She had told me that;

My heart chakra was extremely wide. I have heard this from other healers in the past. That my aura is green and my heart chakra is almost too open. Basically, this means I am a FEELER- go figures I would run a blog about vulnerability.

She also told me that my heart, solar plexus sacral, and root are not connected with my crown, third eye, and throat. Basically that means I am not doing what I feel. I hold back because of fear and distrust. All the skepticism melted away. I leaned in so hard. It was like God was in that room telling me what I already knew, that I was holding back because I didn't trust myself, I was having a hard time trusting God, and others. And It was time to cut it out!

She also told me that my sacral chakra is wounded, scarred. This one hurt. I knew deep down that this was coming. The overwhelming issues I struggle with, creatively, sexually, and emotionally how could it not be blocked. But to be so seen is scary. It's one of those vulnerable times when you want to crawl away, however, I needed it. Even now I scream for it. When the sacral is blocked you can tend to experience;

  • Difficulty expressing our feelings

  • Out of touch with pleasure or hold unprocessed anger

  • Feeling stifled in our creativity and resentful for not being able to create our ideas into reality

  • Issues with relationships

  • Feeling unstable surrounding aspects of our sexuality, issues with money- either overemphasizing on obtaining material goods or not considering ourselves worthy.

  • Shame, guilt, and control

* She also mentioned a blockage in my solar plexus, mostly due to my self-criticism and constant fear of taking ownership of my life. During my session, I felt a strong tense feeling in my abdomen (which is where this chakra is located) as if I didn't want her anywhere near this area. I could feel my body fighting back until finally, I released. It was incredibly humbling, a release of fear. I believe that was where she was connecting with the yellow and Citrine as if to express to me "this is an area you need to work on and you don't have to do it alone."


* I would definitely recommend a reiki healing to those who are seeking a spiritual experience. I believe it brought me closer to myself, something I feel that I lack in my day to day life. It also gave me guidance on how I could set time aside for mediation, prayer, and self-appreciation. She gave me some really great advice on how to practice self-appreciation every day, how to become closer to myself and to God, and most of all that I was going to be okay.

Though energy healing might not be your "thing" what you can hopefully relate to is the journey of understanding oneself, trusting in something bigger than yourself, and learning to love yourself unconditionally- the way your higher power already does. That is my journey, however messy it may be.

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