• Chelsea Bared

10 Journal Prompts That Connect You With Vulnerability

Journaling can be a valuable tool to express emotions and vulnerability. I know I don't do it nearly enough. Often I find myself scribbling away at post-it notes at the office or on napkins, my emotions screaming to be released. In this post, I wanted to dedicate a space where we can be connected through vulnerability. Many of us find ourselves isolated in our feelings.

This year's Mental Health Awareness theme shows us that we are not alone. To remind you of that I wanted to challenge you to a project you can participate in, knowing that somewhere someone else has done so too. Feel free to share your answers on my Facebook page, in a private email, or on your own social media using #vulnerability. Or simply keep these answers with you privately knowing that somewhere across the globe you are part of something bigger, and you are not alone.

Vulnerable Journal Prompts

1. I forgive myself for...

2. My body allows me to..

3. I show myself love by...

4. How can I be more present in my everyday life?

5. What is something you want to do every day?

6. Where do you feel most safe?

7. Surrendering doesn't mean I have to...

8. My boundaries include...

9. Am I more comfortable with giving or receiving?

10. How are you vulnerable in your everyday life?

It is my hope that these questions bring some thought into your heart. You deserve to take a moment, look inside yourself, take a breath, and lean into who you are.

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