With a dose of personality, sense of humor, and most importantly, heart I believe you will find the most authentic version of myself here; laid out and bear. 

Daily vulnerability is difficult for me, but it is also something I constantly practice in order to heal. Having struggled with atypical anorexia for many years I believe that healing is a process. As we show ourselves kindness and compassion we build a connection with ourselves that allows us to shed shame and enjoy our most authentic selves.

I created this space to discuss my recovery process. To talk about life's beautiful complexities that connect us through vulnerability. But I believe that it can be so much more than that. It can be your space to find peace, a story where you know that you are not alone in this world of madness. A moment of value where you too can bear it all out and heal with me in a community and connect through vulnerability.

So if you feel so inclined to drop a line, email me a thoughtful post or write me a letter please do so. Make this space your place too, we all have room to grow.